Saturday, January 19, 2013

Giant Cucumber in the house

OMG! I have planted a giant cucumber in my mini garden.....I really don’t realize it until I look back at the picture of baby cucumber. Baby cucumber yang tengah bloom had actually shown us her potential....It was larger compare with other baby cucumbers. 

I am only using the normal store-bought cucumber seeds. Among all cucumber plants that I grew, only one of them gave me a super big cucumber. 

This ‘special’ cucumber plant alone had given me 7 giant cucumbers!!! I think it will be more if I didn’t keep the 7th cucumber as a seed. 

The appearance of these giant cucumbers looks slightly different compare with the normal cucumber. They were yellowish which make them look slightly not so attractive. 

But once u cut them, they were perfect. Although these cucumbers are so big in size, but they are still very young. The middle part (seeds) of the cucumber has not even developed yet. I believe they can still grow bigger. 

The 1st cucumber that I harvested was slightly small compared others. Because it was 1st one, and I am really do not sure whether it was big enough for me to pick it. So after picking the 1st one, i had learned to pick them at their time.

Oh ya, I had failed to keep the seeds from the 7th cucumber. It has a lot of seeds inside but they were sterile. I think maybe the cucumber plant was a hybrid variety. Sign....

But never mind, the old cucumber still can be eaten. It look exactly the same with timun tun although it is not! 

Well, now come the time for contest.....Guess the weights of the green and the brown color cucumbers...

I will select the winner based on the closest answer....
Due date: 1.2.2013 
Prize: Home breed seeds


  1. Terbaiklah. Green 1.2kg. Brown 0.8kg. Just guessing...i m not good at this

  2. All green cucumber ke olive? too..just guessing only..:D

  3. congrate leng lui.. succeded in harvsting cucumbers... the greens 580 gm .. yellow 280gm...

  4. hehehehe...contest wooo..nie nervous 180g,yellow 360gm..lama lg wo closing date..boleh teka lg kan...

  5. Nak cuba juga teka-teki...erm green 450gram and the brown one 560gram...syok pulak mcm ni.:D

  6. hello olive,
    nak try, brown one 470gram, green 940 gram.tq

  7. Goodday olive.

    My guest, green 500gm ,brown 850gm. :)

  8. hai olive, nak try 780gm, the brown around 1.5kg

  9. Mmmm...honestly tak pernah timbang cucumber so I am a bit of loss. Never tries growing this variety yet too. Home grown must be very crunchy and sweet.

  10. Your cucumber harvest looks amazing! I have never grown cucumber before, I have just sowed some seeds yesterday. What do you fertilise them with?

    By the way, did you make the old cucumber into soup?

    Ok since I am here, I want to join the contest. Green 430g, Brown 770g. ;-)

  11. Everyone is welcome to join this contest ya

  12. Olive, did u keep the seed? sell for me pls....