Friday, November 27, 2015

Winged bean @ kacang botol

My dear Mommy is really a greenfinger person. All the vege & flowers that she planted so subur! You feel so good to look at them. Let's me share her kacang botol @ winged bean plant for this entry ya
The purple bloom of winged bean
Cute baby winged bean started to turn out after sucessful pollination process
Tadaa......the winged beans is now ready for harvest!
Look Like a green wall or natural green curtain tak?
The harvest! memang all panjang-panjang & besar!

My favourite dish with winged bean is kerabu kacang botol dengan ikan tongkol!! You just need to slice the winged bean thinly, and mixed well with roasted meat of tongkol fish, cili padi, lime, chopped onion, tomato, tamarind juice plus salt & sugar for taste!

You may find me at if you are interested to buy the winged bean seeds ya

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