Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Peria Katak @ bitter gourd Harvest all about bitter gourd @ peria katak harvest again! I took a trip at middle of the October month and come back to Malaysia after 2 weeks! 

Before i go travel, the weather was so hazy & dry. The first harvest of peria katak was so poor. You may see them in my previous entry

After i came back from travel...i was "WOW" when i saw lot of cute size bitter gourds hanging on the fences, waiting me to pluck them! The haze is gone and it rains a lot! 

So now the bitter gourd plants happily bear more & more fruits! I give them away....tak sempat nak masak... ada guests in the house!

I have about 3-4 bitter gourd plants.There are actually 2 type of bitter gourds in the pictures below, one of them are bigger and longer in size. While the other bitter gourd plants bear super cute size bitter gourds. 

Well, i do not mind...what size the bitter gourds are, as well as they are GREEN with pesticide free, i am satisfy enough!
Harvest Date: 6 Oct 2015
Harvest Date: 14 Oct 2015 (i harversted the all the undersize bitter gourds before i go travel. All the bitter gourds will be over ripe & burst if waited untill i come back from travel trip.)
Harvest Date: 31 Oct 2015
The burst one...over ripe
Harvest Date: 2rd Nov 2015


  1. Hello leng r u? sudah kawen ker? kemain lg pergi honeymoon oversea yea...hihihih..
    feel very guilty with you..dah almost setahun balik belom jumpa you lagi...teruknya i kan..
    anyway i cuma intai u jauh2 jer..nak janiji meeting not very convenience lgi..maybe one day...hope u understand...
    u pun semakin rajin tanam sayur jer asyik...hehehe..take care sis

    1. happy to know that there is someone intai me from jauh jauh. That is good enough for me. No problem. tak meet pun tak apa...masing-masing have things to busy with kan. Sometimes 'maya' world is more beautiful....manalah tahu kan...hehe...As long as all of us are well, that is good enough =) But, u gotto update a bit once a while blog..let me know that you are ok tahu. No, dah makin malas nak menanam. Nice to hear back from you, sweet sister! Best wishes for you

  2. hai olive, comelnye peria katak tu..bulat bulat..cute.

    1. Salam Puteri Purnama, long time didn hear from you! Miss you too. Ya, i have no idea..pokok dia subur,....tapi semua peria katak dia mini mini size dia...memang genetic dia kut :)