Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Peria Katak (bitter gourd) & their shape

It is very interesting to see different shape & size of bitter gourds/peria katak grow from the same batch of seeds

This type of peria katak has the longest length (about 5 inches) and has a very smooth surface. I think this type of bitter gourd is most likely to get the better price in the market …
Second type of peria katak is slightly shorter in length (about 3-4 inches) and has a narrower shape with pointed ends. They look so unique to me.
Last but not least, the 3rd type of mini gourds is the cutest, very mini in size (1-2 in) and oval in shapes rather than oblong
What about their bitterness? Don’t ask me…as I cooked all of them together. =p

Really not sure whether variation do exist in their bitterness or not, even though they are differ substantially in their shape. 

But I am very sure these peria katak are bitterer than the commercial size (big & long) of bitter gourd (peria kampas) that we get from the market.

I like the bitterness in bitter gourd….what about you?

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  1. I dont have luck with peria katak..tanam tumbuh tapi ada sejenis kumbang kecil suka serang ..habis rosak daun..