Friday, December 6, 2013

Just to share 6-12-13

Such a long time didn't update the blog :p But i do quietly pay visit to most of the blogger's "house"...
Do not know what topic to please enjoy the photos below ya..
 Rare Dwi color Bougainvillea flower from my mom's garden. It appear just like one in the million. All the blooms are orange in color, suddenly one appeared with combination of red & orange color.
Another Rare Dwi color Bougainvillea bloom again...The pink color Bougainvillea flowers suddenly turned up among the white color Bougainvillea flower plant. My mom was so happy with it.
 Unknown beautiful white mushroom was found beside the chicken coop..quite big in size. Do you think it is edible or poisonous? No one know..haha
White bitter gourd! This is rare too in Malaysia & it is expensive! RM8.80 for 542 gram of bitter gourd.
Though of wanna keep the seeds from the fruit but none of them germinate. The bitter gourd was too young i think.
Super big size dog! i took this picture in dogathon event held by UPM this year. Have to keep some distance with this dog as it has a slimy wet tongue!

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    1. Oh really? Thanks for that. Yeah, i found one cendawan expert here ^_-

  2. even though you didnt't drop any comment I know that you did come over!

  3. Intresting pics... very rare... bukan hari2 bleh jumpe smue tu...

    1. Ya, very true. Thanks for dropping by Pedasdanmanis (Your blog have a very great name)!

  4. so expensie woo the bitter guard better tanam sendiri loh..
    btw r u frigthen of dog?hehe