Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gifts From UK

My sister bought me all these gifts from UK last month :D Thanks to her.. :-)
This is sea sponge. Have you ever heard of this? It really look like the normal plastic sponge out there right? So interesting. My sister said use this for shower. Curious right...
These are figs. They are sweet & big in size. However, they are being cut into half and two figs are being stick together. Weird right?
A beautiful shirt from Santorini

A famous brand of potato chip in UK. My sis told me peoples in UK have a habit to enjoy a pack of potato chip after lunch
I like this gift the most of course! 
Thanks my dear sister!!


  1. Wah..bleh guna sponge tu utk mandi ya olive..biji benih tu mmg menarik ^_^

  2. lucky maa..the seeds they are the best gift kan ..u mesti dpt plant origano n rosemary kan...happy gardening..:)

  3. hi olive, waaaah bestnye! I cn c your big ear to ear...hehehe

  4. hai Olive.
    bestnye dapat ole-ole dari UK.

    Is the sea sponge soft?
    In my place, when this thing alive. its soft and after we bring it on land, it will become hard with sharp edges. how can it be used for bath?

  5. Hi Olive,

    Kalau dah pekebun tegar, hadiah yang paling disukai tentunya anak benih atau biji benih!! Selamat bertanam!

  6. Rosemary seeds bought previously didn't germinate at all.. hope you succeed with the seeds..

  7. Hi olive,

    seed tu......mcm best je. :)