Sunday, June 23, 2013

Colorful Harvests For May 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen, let me present you the most colorful harvests I ever had.

Yes, these were the harvests that I got last month-May 2013. 

Well, can I just let the pictures do the talking today? 

--A picture is worth a thousand words---
I like this picture the most! You?

Very sweet papaya! But the papaya tree wilted & died after that...Sad

Oh ya, if anyone is still interested in buying imported seeds, please check back my previous posts here, okay?

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  1. Owh leng lui..rsnya mcm i dtg kat pasar many.and so colourful..nanti tak payah complete yr PHD yer..tanam sayur and jual kat pasar..heheh

    1. Hi SIS!!!! U still carry time bom with u! SO worry. Ya lar...wasted study kan..pergi tanam sayur pulak...arh...

  2. if may harvest got this banyak, no need buy vege for whole month already

    1. Yes really! but some i bring back kg & give to people. But i still need to buy carrot & tomato!