Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update on Kacang parang 20-11-12

Hi all, is this the kacang golok/parang (Sword Bean, Canavalia gladiata) that mentioned by Mr. Is? Please guide me.

When shld i harvest the bean & how to eat them?


  1. Halo ah moi..long time no news..? how r u ..good err?ini kacang parang i don't know much wooo...sorry can't help... i bodo sikit psl nama2 sayuran..

  2. hehe..fine here sis! me too! really dunno all this name. 1st time aso i come across this bean. coincidentally, Mr. Is also posting this. Yes,long time didn update blog. tired+bz. kekeke. Sis, glad to hear that u r getting better!