Friday, July 22, 2016

Fennel@Jintan Manis & Holy Basil@Tulsi plants

Fennel plant @ Pokok Jintan Manis @ Pokok Adas (RM10)
- very popular herb/spice that widely used in cooking
- Whole plant is edible: roots, stalks and leaves, with the spice coming from the dried seeds called jintan manis. 

- The indonesian lady taught me to eat the leaves as salad in sandwiches & i tossed some in salad too. The leaves are very aromatic & smell good.

Holy Basil/Tulsi (RM10)

- is an aromatic and potent herb that has amazing healing power   
- has been used in India for thousands of years to in numerous ailments, including fever , colds, coughs, sore throat & etc. 

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  1. Ini betul pokok jintan manis atau pokok satu lagi tu..false fennel atau in malay we called it ulam mak wan..

    1. Kak Mala, Thanks for the info!! Omg!! i truely believe the seller sebab i pun tak pernah tengok pokok jintan manis before .. first time i heard about ulam mak wan

    2. Pokok Jintan makwan hihi...intestine, wanna buy 1 la olive...