Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trust me...You can also grow ginseng!

It is really fun to grow ginseng jawa! You can really harvest the ginseng look alike root besides the leaves that we can eat as vegetable. So Amzaing!

Well, from the appearance, the roots look exactly the same as the ginseng that sell in the store. However, ginseng jawa root do not possess strong smell and taste  like those ginseng selling in the store. Plenty of research papers have reported on the benefit of ginseng jawa (try google ya).

However, to get the ginseng look alike root, you need to grow the plant from the seeds. 

If you are only interested with the leaves, then you may try to grow it from cuttings. Super easy to grow.

Sometimes i am too busy and tak sempat to harvest the leaves. Eventually the plants start to bloom and bear seeds. The mature seeds will pop out and from there you will have a lot of baby ginseng jawa plants that will surprise you with ginseng root at the end. Fun isn't it?

Ginseng Jawa & kangkong sharing the same bed
The pink flower that will turned into seed pod eventually
Beautiful green harvest...
Very versatile..can be stir fry or added into spagetti or into soup
Tadaaaaaaaaaaa...there come the ginseng jawa roots! it really surprise me!! It is so fun to pull out a plant and u see the ginseng root immediatly after that.
These ginseng jawa plants actually shared the pots with my adenium plants that i seldom water them. I am reallly impress by the size of the root as the ginseng jawa plants are stil small relatively.

Even the baby plants also have ginseng look like root...omg! i am so happy!

Tadaaaaaaaaa.........after cleaning... i dried them 1st. Because i wanna see how much they will shrink ...

Forget to take a proper picture of ginseng jawa roots after drying. It took me more than a week to dry the root. I arranged the bigger roots into a nicer box and gave to my mom as CNY gift :-)..hehe...while the smaller and broken roots were kept inside the  plastic bag (unpresentable haha). i cooked a chicken soup with all of the above ingrediants....I just put in whatever i have in the fridge...The soup tasted good and sweet but there is No ginseng taste at all. If you are cooking this soup using the store bought ginseng, you already can smell ginseng everywhere around the house. Next time, i will cook the fresh root straight, save the time and trouble for drying...

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