Sunday, March 6, 2016

Harvest update March 2016

Halor March 2016!  Let's see what do i have from the garden recently...
How many type of plants can you see in the picture? There are 7 type at least! - kucing galak, sambung nyawa dwiwarna, bangun-bangun, kesum, jasmin, cili padi & taiwan goji berry palnts

(1) Green leaves harvest: kangkung, brazillian spianch & ginseng jawa  (2) As usual, peria katak, chili padi & the  cute new comer "timun tikus" that grow by itself
We have fat papayas, peria katak, blue pea flowers, mulberrym chili padi & spring onion =)
ALmost the same harvest as previous picture, except the poor red long bean
Hope you don get bored...almost the same harvest to show
Ready stock for timun pepasan (RM10)
Tanam satu pokok, cukup menghasilkan bekalan timun kecil melimpah-limpah...hehe
Email me at if you are interested

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