Sunday, January 3, 2016

Asam Jawa@Tamarind & Cotton Tree

I am very lucky to have a lot of asam jawa@tamarind tress near my work place. 

We can hand picked the fresh asam jawa that dropped on the ground almost everyday when the asam jawa fruits is ripen.
We eat them fresh just like that so that we do not get bored with our work. Yes, it is very sour!!  I also freeze some for cooking later on.
Sometimes the asam jawa pods get moldy especially on the raining day.
Some of the asam jawa's seeds germinated into new life!!
A lot of baby plants of asam jawa can be seem near the big asam jawa tree.
Besides asam jawa tree, we have a cotton tree near by.
The scenery is simply amazing when a lot of cotton  pods have burst. Look like it is snowing!


  1. Happy New Year Olive!
    Asam jawa tu gaul dengan gula sikit..mmmm..tulis ni pun dah keluar air liur..hahhaa...

    1. Happy New Year to you again kak Mala. Very good idea. tak pernah terfikir eat with sugar. Sure taste less sour and more palatable n delicious!

  2. Sayang pula tengok kapas2 tu .. hny Olive