Sunday, December 20, 2015

Terung Telunjuk Seeds

Believe me or not, I bought all these colorful and fresh produce at RM10 only! So happy! Get all of the produce from the same store except the beautiful orange color fruits.

Looking from far, I thought the attractive orange fruit was chili!!! Haha… At last, I realize that it is actually a mature Terung Telunjuk (a type of brinjal@aubergine) that meant for planting. They are too old for eating.

Young Terung telunjuk is actually light green in color with white stripes at bottom. This type of brinjal will turned into orange yellowish color upon maturing.   

Nevertheless, the whole plant as well as the purple flower of this type of brinjal is the same as of other varieties.   People usually eat this terung telunjuk as ulam with sambal belacan. 

However, me myself have never taste it.  Okay, I should grow one and eat it! 


The seeds are very beautiful! Is time to get them out from the flesh. Thanks to youtube, i manage to extract the seeds out efficiently in very short time

Ya…because of that….i have a lot of fresh seeds of Terung Telunjuk ready for sale. 

Email me at if you are interested.

30 seeds at RM2


  1. Cantiknya warna terung telunjuk ni bila masak...

  2. Sedap juga terung telunjuk campur dengan kari ikan.