Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Purple Ice Plant

I really thought i had bought rose jepun yang sangat rare. So i happily share this "rare rose jepun" to rose jepun group in facebook. 

 A lot friend came over to enjoy its beauty by clicking "Like" button in facebook. Suddenly one of the Otai came and enlighten me, thanks to her, Now i know this is really a RARE flower plant. 

This is not rose jepun at all. This is called Ice Plant! Wow, what a beautiful name! 

According to Wiki, Ice plant is known as stone plants or carpet weeds in California coast. It is a drought-resistant plant that work as colorful ground cover!
Something new to me at least =)


  1. Saya ada tanam dari tahun 90an lagi tapi yang jenis berdaun bujur lebar, ada pelbagai warna. Putih, pink, oren & merah. Buat bunga gantung. Masa tu memang tak tau nama dia ice plant. Asal cantik saja beli..

    1. Kak Mala, You are memang knowledgeable! I You know a lot about plants! I baru ja kenal this plant. Same here, nampak cantik ja, terus beli =p

  2. Hi Olive...
    wow 1st time i thought pokok bunga ni pun sejenis rose jepun, rupa2nya bukan ye hehehe...thanks for the info! :D