Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peria Katak?

Peria katak plants are not doing so well this time. They fruit less and their sizes are smaller. Due to the haze problem, I have reduced the frequency to go out to look and check on my plants. 

Sometimes the peria katak is over ripe and become “peria bunting”…haha…Am I using the correct term?

Beside this peria katak, I found another smaller type of peria katak growing in kampung. It is just about half the size of our thumb. Not sure they are bitterer than the peria katak above or not. They are still in my fridge now. Any idea what is the name of this type of bitter gourd?
Interested with the seeds, you may find it here  =)


  1. Olive..dulu2 saya tengok peria katak kecil2 saja tapi sekarang pernah jumpa peria katak yang besar kat pasar...

    1. Agree Kak Mala. Sekarang peria katak tu macam dah kena crossbreed kan