Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wild Mini Size Bitter Gourds

My brother picked this little bitter gourd for me. He said this bitter gourd is growing wild just like that.  I am not sure it is called as peria katak or just wild bitter gourd maybe? 

Their size are so mini. The length of one bitter gourd is about the length of 2-3 pieces of bird eye chilies.  

I didn't get to taste them cook, but the raw one yes! It was bitter! You will like it, if you are the same with me prefer a 'more bitter' bitter gourd. 

Manage to collect some seeds, will try to grow them. Their seeds are whiter in color compare to normal type bitter gourd. Mr. Google said this bitter gourd is a exotic plant. 

Have you all seen or tasted this type of bitter gourd?

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