Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Are you happy if your adenium plant can have different flowers blooming within one plant? 

The answer to have different type of flower blooming is 'grafting' . The Multilayer adenium flower is from the grafted part (the upper part), while the single layer adenium flower is from the original adenium plant (the lower part). Most of the people will not keep the branch that grow from the original adenium plant.

I grafted this adenium early of the year or last year. The multilayer adenium flower is called sweetheart. Both multilayer & normal type blooming are sweet to me


  1. pernah jadi macam ni pada pokok adenium my mom...tp terjadi secara semulajadi

  2. I love adeniums. Have a few grafted ones..bought originally grafted. So people at the nursery always remind me to remove any branch that come out from base plant coz they say if you don't cut it, the grafted one will eventually die

  3. Hi Olive,

    Seronoknya dapat 2 bunga berbeza pada 1 pokok! Save space, less pasu, boleh tanam banyak lagi variety adenium!