Saturday, June 14, 2014

Red & Peach Amaryllis

Okay....Those amaryllis bloom were captured 2 or 3 months ago =) They are simply beautiful & gorgeous!
Red Amaryllis are planted near the lab while the peach color one belongs to my mom.
Can u notice another baby bloom coming out there?
Full bloom! The flower can last for quite long! So nice!
Another full bloom ^_^


  1. Cantik ! Cantik! Olive nak share good news. My 1st telang putih dah kembang pagi tadi. Double layer..

  2. hi olive, i want to know what did you do to your amaryllis bulb? the flowers are awesome, i have lots of the bulb with leaves but they never produce flower since i planted them years ago. peningla kepala fikir hehehe