Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Expensive New toy - Adenium

Everything related to adenium of mine was started from a private adenium group in facebook...From there, i learned how to grow adenium and how to graft adenium. Grafting is the most Interesting part! & from there also i started to purchase adenium online...OMG! my money gone! The earning from seeds and plants selling was trade with adenium!! >_< 

Just wanna share some of the adenium that i had purchased online before..Don be surprise to see the adenium, they were all bald (botak head). Soil is prohibited to be brought out from foreign country. That's the reason they have to be in bare root. They look exactly the same like ginseng root or white radish right?...Now, they are really ugly..but once they started to bloom, they can really make you smiling wide. Don worry, adenium is a very durable plant. It can last up to 3-6 months in bare root form..Therefore, they are safe through transportation.

Do you all realize that these grafted adenium actually have 2 parts? The upper thinner branches are actually the cutting from the favorite adenium. They might have very nice color (yellow, purple, black, red etc) and multilayer. The lower fat caudex is from the normal type of pink adenium. The cutting from the favorite adenium was grafted on the normal type of adenium
They were from Thailand. About RM30-35 per piece if not mistaken
Special fragrant adenium from India...Maybe it cost me RM50-80 per piece..can't remember
Taiwan mari..RM40 per piece. Adenium from Taiwan have brighter color body. 
Made in Malaysia...normal type of adenium. Gardener always use its fat caudex for grafting purposes. 

Just planted the RM40 Taiwan adenium, but they were attacked by next door cats! Most of the pot were terbalik and the cats leave down some souvenir there...speechless! Siapa mao ganti rugi ha?


  1. Salam Bahagia Sayang,
    The poo poo part not bahagialah.
    Hahaha...new addiction eh can understand earnings got cycled getting more collection.
    Banyak tu belanja OKlah janji hati bahagia. Usually shipping cost will be more right sebab nampak heavy.
    Adenium at the moment tak berani nak lompat masuk lagi as I have too much addiction.
    Tapi dalam senyap-senyap ada hati juga, already eyeing some without my hubby noticing yet that some money will be parting from his piggy bank.
    My mother punya adenium got invaded by the pigeon orchid. Betul most of the bark got attached by orchids. Might be due cos we have a lot of high humidity in the garden so orchids might easily self-produce.
    Will wait eagerly to see yours blooming.

    1. Hi Diana, so nice to hear from you. Salam Bahagia to u & your family too! poo poo tu memang irritating...7-10 cats u know. memang pening! Haha..ya new addiction. My mom dah stop me from buying more, she said no place to put haha. Ya hati bahagia, but purse dah berlubang >_< . Buying online stuff memang macam tu, sakit hati kat shipping cost. But sometimes fikir balik, if u drive there yourself, pun cost a lot juga..kira okay la kan...Cannot wait to see you addiction too...Haha...i am sure hubby Diana willl support your new addictions sebab eventhough you spend but u also earn on the same time...so okay ja..

  2. true la olive, they look like ginseng root...cnt wait to see esp fragrant adenium to bloom...

    1. semua ginseng root mahal kan @na..hehe..actually i rasa fragrant adenium tu bunganya tak lak cantik sgt, yg from taiwan tu lebih "cun". but tak buka buka lagi sebab baru ja tanam tak lama..

  3. Hi Olive,

    Jelesnya tengok adenium yang banyak2 tu! Rupa2nya ada juga adenium yang yang wangi ya! Mak Aji baru tahu tu. Juga baru tahu yang grafting dibuat pada adenium biasa, itu pasallah pada satu pokok ada pelbagai warna! Mak Aji belum cukup bahagia lagi sebab belum ada adenium selain yang biasa sahaja! Nak juga bahagia macam Olive ni!

    1. hahahah..here you are...Mak Aji, i wrote this post purposely for you sebenarnya..Ya, i pun baru tao abt fragrant adenium. I think in Malaysia tak ada lagi ni...Me too. I pun just learned that most of the adenium yg cantik-cantik tu are grafted. Ada juga pokok adenium yg asalnya memang dah cantik, that one grow from benih yg mereka cross-breed within few type of adenium yg cantik-cantik tu

    2. Mak Aji, i nak bagi poisoun la ni...trying hard to show off bunga adenium so that u too Bahagia like me hehe..Your place tak jual kah adenium yg cantik-cantik?

  4. Ada juga yg wangi...unik semua nya....I suka gak tengah slowly kumpul...:D

  5. Hai olive... Saya kak nor, nak tanya ada tak yg untuk dijual? Kat rumah baru ada satu pasu yg pink tu..
    teringin buat koleksi mcm awak...