Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tut @ air layering


Have you ever heard about tut?

If yes, have you ever make the tut yourself?

For me, tut is a way to propagate a tree/plant that you already have. Ya, i mean you wish to have another plant even though you already have one.

For example, i already have one mulberry tree, & i wish to have another mulberry tree to bear me more mulberry fruits. Well, most of us know that mulberry can be easily propagated through cutting.

Tut is another option for those peoples that
- fail to propagate plant/tree through cutting,
- and also those peoples that wish to get a bigger plant/tree at a shorter time.

To get started,

You need a plastic bag (approx.15cm x 30 cm), tali rafia, cutter & a handful of damp soil.

Look for an ideal stem (the bigger the stem, the bigger the plant that you will get) and use your cutter to remove the entire outer bark layer of the stem. This is also known as girdling or ring barking.

Cover or wrap the wound with the damp soil, followed by plastic bag. Tied both end of the plastic bag.

Your tut will be ready in 1-2 months time when substantial amount of roots can be seen.

Cut the branch off right below the plastic bag.

& Horray...the ready root ball is now ready to be planted!

That's it! You got a new plant. 
Tut making-mulberry tree
Success Root ball of mulberry tree
Closer look..Can you see the root?
My new mulberry plant is ready!
Do you notice the plant actually started to bear me mulberry fruits?


  1. i'm always not successful in doing this.. the stem will die after i ring barking it.. being to harsh i guess..hehe

  2. wah moi... sudah berbah wajah yer..makin leng lah you punyer blog..
    i've heard tut before tapi sudah lupa.kena study betul2 cara u nie baru blh appy nie..somehow dun have tree to tut kan..heheh..rambutan also can right?