Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lovely Adenium

Few months ago, i bought an adenium without knowing the color of the bloom. To me, it is so unique as this is the first time i saw an adenium with hairy leaves & the leaves are so fat.

After some times, the adenium start to bloom! I always thought that the bloom will be white in color...now that the color of this adenium is revealed.. So pretty! The color is so sweet! It is a mixture of white, pink & yellow color.
I changed the adenium into bigger pot & it look much bigger and better now. To my surprise, the color of the blooms actually changed day by days!

 So i end up to have different colors of blooms in one plant! So sweet & worth it!
Day 0: Almost exploded =)
Day 1: Tadaaa... I am in pink+white+yellow.. Too lovely..Cant resist the sweet combination colors..so happy
Day 2: The flower petal is growing bigger & is more pink in color..It just melt my heart!!

Day 3: The multilayer petals is more appealing now..The pink color is stronger, it look so elegant & 'suci' to me. It make me think of lotus flower...
Day 4: It is still very beautiful. The petals look thicker & the pink color gradually faded off.
Day 5: Now that adenium bloom has turning into white color. You can only see slight pink color on the petal.
Day 6: Now is time to say goodbye to this adenium bloom. It is offcially a white color adenium now. You can hardly see the pink color.
Magical Moment...amazing God's creation

Have a nice day!

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