Monday, February 15, 2016

Gorgeous Mrs Garfield

I get to know the name of this gorgeous Hippeastrum as “Mrs Garfield” through Mr. Google. Thanks to him. 

'Mrs. Garfield'? ?  The name is really weird! The flower definitely does not look like the Garfield cat at all right?

Hippeastrum 'Mrs. Garfield' has been a favourite of mine, the bloom is so lovely. The soft white 6 petals flower looks like a star, and elegantly reticulated with pink veins.

Hippeastrum 'Mrs. Garfield' is easy to be recognised through it broad leaves centred with a white stripe down the middle of each leaf.

This type of hippeastrum is pretty common in Malaysia. Mr. Google said it has been existence in UK since 18th century. Wow!

I planted the bulb on July 2015 & it bloom 3 months later. So soon and I didn’t expect the bloom.  It really surprised me!


  1. Ohh Mr Garfield pula namanya..lawak betul. Kat rumah kak ada sepasu besar tapi musim kering ni belum pun berbunga lagi...memang cantik warnanya...

  2. Dear Olive.

    Hope its not sooooo late to still wish you Happy Chinese New Year.

    Ya yang ni senang sikit nak bezakan dengan yang lain sebab daunnya.