Saturday, August 22, 2015


Feel so good to be able to trap the big size rat finally. However, many more rats out there. I have seen many times 2-3 rats happily passing by in front of me, and the cats sit nearby just look at the rats and do nothing! These rats are so daring! Nowadays, cats just do not interested with them (why why why). 

This pest is destroying my garden! They dug holes in pots and uproot so many plants (curry leaves, ginger etc). They also dig out and eat the seeds (roselle, cucumber, luffa, pumpkin, bitter gourd seeds etc) that I sowed.  I hate them =(


  1. Kucing sekarang tau makan friskies je..tu sebab diaorang tak tau makan tikus..Happy weekend & happy hunting!

    1. Dear Kak are right. but the cats still like to kejar tupai and burung but not the tikus. pandai kan. A lot more rats ya..happy hunteing & wish me luck =p

  2. Kucing kami kalau pagi kami nampak ada tikus kena posa tak kasi makan. Suruh pergi hunting cari makan sendiri.
    Our panther kekadang sehari ada 2~3 ekor tangkap tikus pun ada. Walaupun banyak cats prowling, tak kurang-kurang bilangan tikus.