Saturday, June 27, 2015

A New LIfe From Garden

The story start from an egg....

1. The egg

2. Baby caterpillars! How many you can spot there?

3a. Growing bigger..heavy leaves eater & this type of caterpillar eats only poisonous leaves like adenium. & ya, this is the creature that always bold my adenium plants

3b. Iron man in making 

 4. Turning into orange-brown color

5a. Caterpillar going to enter cocoon stage

 5b. Caterpillar going to enter cocoon stage

6. Cocoon

7. Cocoon going to hatch 

 8. Vacated cocoon

9. Tadaa.....Here i am!! I am Oleander Hawk moth (Daphnis Nerii) 

10a. Caterpillar's poo poo with fascinating shape!

11. Enlarge view of caterpillar's poo poo.
Are caterpillar an engineer??




  1. Wow to the extent of poo poo... good info ... never seen their poo poo ... the moth is beautiful too

  2. Good job Olive..rajin you tunggu dia punya life circle..rupanya cantiknya juga moth itu..

  3. The poo poo looks like grenade hahaha....
    Yup you're right suka makan yang beracun, dekat kebun kami dia suka belasah daun periwinkle.