Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Colorful Adenium again =)

To all my Muslim friends out there, have a happy fasting month ya...

I am going to have exam on this Thursday, so just a quick update to share with you my adenium blooms =)

My very first own grafted adenium. Please call her "sweetheart"
Hi, my name is "purple romance story"---A very rare dark purple adenium from Taiwan
Sorry, i dunno her name, perhaps "Siam Bua Pink"? Grabbed her back from Floria Exhibition last month!


  1. Leng lui..nice colour..i like the last one..peaceful...
    good luck for yr exam ehhh..

  2. Sale the adenium seeds sis..hehe.very beautiful..

  3. so beautiful! Love it, anyway good luck for ur exam.... :)

  4. Wah sukanya yg purple tu...Good luck for ur exam

  5. Save the seeds for me ya.. good luck in ur exam