Friday, May 2, 2014

Purple Rolia or Popping Pod

If you are new in gardening, and you wish to plant a flower, I strongly suggest u to grow purple rolia or Popping pod (Ruellia tuberosa) or Minnieroot or Fever Root or  Snapdragon Root or Sheep Potato

I have no idea why this plant has so many names. 

This flower plant is so easy to grow and the best part is that it keeps on blooming! You can always see flower on your plant. How nice it is right! That is the main purpose to have a flower plant. We wanna see flowers! 

Well, I grew this rolia 3 weeks ago from a cutting and today it start to bloom already! 

The cutting can easily grow root. I took 2 cuttings, and placed them in water and soil respectively. You can easily see the root growing out from cutting in water in a week of time. 

As for the cutting in soil, u can also see a long root coming out very soon too. i planted the cutting in mineral bottle so I can easily see the root. 

Rolia also have white and pink color flower. But so far I only have seen the purple one. 


  1. Akak have the pink variety :)

    1. lucky! rare right? even when u type desert petunia, images yg keluar mostly purple color =)

  2. Olive, ini desert petunia kan..oh, your white telang dah sampai Ahad lepas. Dah semai baru tumbuh satu...harap yang lain menyusul. Thanks for you free gift. Dah semai juga tapi belum tumbuh lagi...

    1. Oh ya, baru tao. desert petunia namanya. Thanks for the info. baru tumbuh satu ja, i pun hairan sangat kat white telang seeds. susah bercambah or what entah but seeds tu super fresh.