Monday, February 10, 2014

Plant care during a 1-2 week vacation came...We were happy to have a break...

But on the same time we were so worried to leave our plants behind, in addition to the dry weather recently.

I am looking forward for a heavy rain!!!

Well, I am trying to save those potential plants that might be dying due to the dryness as no one was available to water the plants.

I choose to save those plants that easily dry out (those planted in small pot)and those plants that more precious to me. The rest...

Thank god that most of my plants are directly planted on the ground. They are less affected by dryness.

These were what i did for the past holiday break when i had to leave them for about 10 days..

Take a container, filled in with about 1-2 inch water, then put your plants in. I put them in shelter place to avoid overflow in case of raining. 
Ok, i have to save the balsam, as i do not have the balsam seed with this color in my collection

Mulberry and mata kucing plants...The soil dry up very fast, so those plants were in!
My precious white brinjal seedlings..i don't want to lose them...

 First time success in growing mint leaves from cutting...Does the see-through plastic container look familiar? It was a container for donuts previously =)

I put a tray+water underneath..This is my seedling box..those small plastics on top are used to prevent the rat/squirrel/bird from eating the seeds, especially bean seeds. Those satay sticks & chopsticks are very useful to stop the cats from pooing here >_<

Alright, So what happned after the 10 days holiday break?


 Aha...They are doing fine! The white brinjal seedling are getting bigger right?


  1. time holiday ... susah hati kan ... kesian kat tanaman... CA alhamdulillah ... jiran rajin tolong siramkan ...

  2. Hi CA, you are the lucky one. my jiran is a old aunty. takut mao trouble have to settle myself lar..

  3. Halo amoi..xong ci fa cai..
    that's the best way kan tuk jaga plant when we r not there..hubby sll buat that i blom praktik lagi..hehe

    1. Hi sis, tq for the wishes. haha. sis, don praktik la since ur hubby can do it...let him do =P

  4. Ya, I went thru the same trouble recently for CNY break but for only 3 days.

    1. Hi tiny gardener, if the weather is not hot, 3 days tak apa kan..if the weather really dry, the plants memang half death in just one day

  5. A keen gardener will always find it disheartening to leave plants on holidays...... and your approach is interesting. I have tried automatic watering system in Johor and Kelantan.... and I am contemplating to try here in Seri Kembangan... :)

    1. Hi Bangchik & Kak Dah, i wish i have the automatic watering system too. But my garden is very small in size and i have no idea how to install that system. WHich part of the Seri Kembangan? I am staying very close to SK ni..hehe