Sunday, September 1, 2013

Harvest For June 2013

OMG! I had totally forgotten to write about the harvest for June, which was 3 months ago!
I had Taiwan goji leaves, Gynura bicolor leaves & ginger. Both Taiwan goji leaves & Gynura bicolor leaves are very easy to take care with. Just harvest them by cutting the leaves/stems, and they will grow back.
Okay, chilies again! haha. They are so so productive. Mulberries was doing well too.  

Here, i had kacang sepat, petola bantal and brinjals. i am so glad that my 5 months old brinjal plants never fail to bear me brinjals although the size of brinjals were small.


  1. Halo leng lui..
    so much harvest err...many types pulak tuh..rajin betul u tanam chili tak pernah jd masak cam tuh..heheh

  2. Janji banyak takpe don't mind the size. Banyak buah on the pokok they have to distribute the energy equally, hence the size like that kut. Kacang sepet you buat masak apa?
    Bountiful Harvest.

    1. haha. tq. i am grateful to have pesticide free vege. So size really doesn't matter. but if nak kasih kat orang, not nice to see...hehe..kacang sepat tu i pernah buat soup, masak kari, stir fry & fry with egg. I prefer stir fry mix with other vege. Kacang sepat tu rough a bit eventhough u harvest it young. The trick is u hav to cut them into small pieces pakai gunting

    2. Kacang sepet seeds I dah lama terperap dalam box because no idea what to do. Thanks nanti rummage box cuba tanam tengok camne.

    3. Sis, kacang sepat tu quite invasive. so just tanam terus ke tanah & ignore..hehe