Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Purple Color French Bean

It was so exciting to grow the purple color French bean because I never see one before. 

I obtained the seeds from Diana. The seeds germinated very fast. 

Although the dry weather had retarded the growth of the bean plants, finally they started to bloom.

The baby bean pods finally showed up after the bloom. 

However, the baby bean pods were green in color, not PURPLE at all…I was so confused at first.

Without my knowledge, they had gradually turned into an attractive dark gorgeous purple bean. 

As the growth of the plant was stunted, there was only one bean pod that successfully being set.  

I wanted to keep it as seeds for future use although it was small in size. 
But, in one fine day, I realized that the bean had disappeared. 

Who stole my purple color French bean >_< !!!!??? #*&$*#


  1. so sad... :(, hopefully, a new pod will emerge

  2. Snail kalau lapar kacang pun nibble.

  3. no worries olive.. u stil got plenty to plant.. kerja snail kot..