Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WHite Pea Flower Seeds

One good news and one bad news to share today,

The good news...
Finally, white pea flowers seeds are ready for grab.
The bad news...
The too SMART owner planted both the single layer and multilayer white pea flowers side by side....and as a result, now she cannot differentiate the seeds between them..

End up she mixed all of seeds together. So you may get both the single and multilayer white pea flower seeds in one pack..... up to your luck ya..
 RM3-15 seeds 
If you are interested to buy seeds, please email to eesuqi@gmail.com Thanks!


  1. I already confirm the booking. Please tengok email ya....

  2. hi.. oredi planted them, but maybe because of the weather, only one seed is growing (sob sob sob).. any advice on tat?